Disc mill type Pulverizer - Economic pulverizing of plastic granules

Disc Mill Pulverizer Machine

Our pulverizing systems, are high capacity systems for the profitable pulverizing of thermoplastic and other heat sensitive materials such as LDPE, LLDPE, MDPE and HDPE, as well as other heat sensitive thermoplastics such as PP and EVA without the added cooling of nitrogen.

Our pulverizing systems produce quality powders with excellent flow properties and bulk densities nd are mainly used for the following applications:

Pulverization of rigid PVC (pipe and profile granules)
Pulverization of PE for Rotomolding
Pulverization of PE for textile and metal coating
Pulverization of PP for fiber manufacture
Pulverization of compounds for floor coverings

This Pulverize machine is simple, clearly arranged and operates with a further developed screening machine. The advantages for the customer are obvious:

Quality powders with best possible flow properties and high bulk density
High throughput capacity at low specific power consumption
Fully automatic, continuous operation
Low demands on operating personnel

Concept of Rotational Moulding with Pulverizing Machine

Rotational Moulding needs resin in pulverized form. The particle size, shape and particle size distribution is measure of powder quality. Powder quality plays a very important role in rotational moulding.

Following are the resultant effects of the good quality powder:

Optimization of the charge weight to meet rising competition
Improved finish an color of the product
Reduced fusion time
Multi layered and foamed tanks

Realizing the extraordinary needs of the rotational molders engineers at N.A. Group of Companies set out to expand the next generation pulveriser. To attain the above objective pulveriser must have following features.

Ability and control to give uniform and consistent Powder Quality
Power required should be low
Cooling of grinding element must be sufficient and effective
High out put
Minimum down time
Ability to run the machine un attended
All system protections so that down time is Low
Easy to clean , user friendly operation