What is Pulverizer?

Pulverizer machines are used to smash materials into tiny shards or granules. Pulverizer machines can crush all types of items, including plastic, glass, aluminum, concrete, coal, rock, resin, tires, and medical waste. Pulverizer machines come in a number of different forms. Hammer mills, ring mills, double roll crushers, granulators, impactors, and shredders are all forms of pulverizer machines. Pulverizer is used in plastic industry for Plastics Pulverizing Including PVC Recycling, Rotational Molding, Compounding and Master batching.

The Naroto range of pulverizer ensures the production of pulverized material from plastic granules for the manufacturing of high quality final products. Pulverizer can pulverize LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE and various thermoplastic materials and other kinds of pulverize for different materials.

Pulverisers has fully automatic operations with predetermined sequence of operations such as Automatic granule lifter, Automatic on and off feeder, Automatic controls of mill temperature etc. The Pulverizer constitutes of high quality, maintenance-free, efficient components.

Pulverizers are available in various configurations like Single Mill Pulverizer, Twin Mill Pulverizer (Dual Mill Pulverizer) with various designs, sizes and shapes of pulverizer blades.

In Plastic Industry, there are need for advanced technology and improvements, reduced maintenance and higher production rates. We incorporated these requirements into all our pulverizing machines. We are supplying the latest in pulverizing technology and auxiliary equipment to the rotational molding industry.

The steadily increasing demand for powders of plastic, rubber, or minerals of any kind as well as the constantly expanding quality requirements with regards to flow ability, bulk density, particle size distribution and grain structure, pulverizing systems is the best solution.

N. A. Roto Machines & Moulds India offers pulverizing systems with specially developed controls. Sensors for temperature, pressure and power consumption register and control the system according to preset parameters.

Pulverizers produce reliable high quality plastic powders for rotation molding, whirl sintering, coatings, flame spraying processes, carpet backside coatings, extrusion and additional processes.

Constructive and process-technological characteristics of Pulverizers are:

Grinding path made of wear resistant, technological optimized key segments
Exact, central grinding gap adjustment
Housing design for optimized air cooling
Broad application field

Salient Features of Pulverizer

By using this machine you can manufacture 30-400 Kgs Master Batches p/h.
The power consumption is very less compare to other pulverizing machines.
Production cost will be cheaper.
Low maintenance.
Higher production capacity.
Minimum man-power for operating the machine.
High Quality and lower wastage
Economical and cost effective
Produces fine micro Powder
Gives high output rates
A Single person can operate easily

Standard Features of Our Pulverizer’s

Compact design for space savings
Will grind LLDPE, LDPE, HDPE, CROSS LINK, PVC, PBT, ABS, Nylons, Polyester and Other Polymers
Hopper sensors
Cyclone level switch
50 or 60 Hertz wiring available
Heavy-duty construction for longevity
Ease of maintenance
Ease of operation
Full inventory of replacement parts
Technical assistance available